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1 or 2 Bed - Regular Window Cleaning

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Booking your regular window cleaning of your 1 or 2 bedroom home has never been easier. The price includes exterior cleaning of all your homes doors, windows and frames, including any home skylights*

  • Fixed and Transparent Pricing
  • Easy Booking Online
  • Scheduled Appointments
  • Experienced Operators
  • Fully Insured
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 5* Reviews

You do not need to stay home or be available at the time booked as long as all areas are accessible when we arrive to clean. The only time slots we offer for booking are the first appointment of the day, this will enable us to start with your cleaning and return to our regular rounds thereafter. We will arrive within that first hour and cleaning can take anywhere from 30mins to several hours depending on the service you choose. 

The first clean cost is higher as it takes longer to clean and after that clean it will reduce in cost to the price listed when not your first clean. 

*with best efforts we will try and clean all your home windows, taking full advantage of the convenience of booking on our site, this includes cleaning your accessible Velux style windows but not plastic style skylights or roof lanterns. Inaccessible windows will only be left if we are unable to clean, this tends to happen in a rare small percentage of times, our system and process is designed to access most windows. 

Please note:
We no longer go through houses to carry out cleans, we do not climb onto roofs to clean or gain access. We will need access for our vans to park outside on the road or on the drive. Please have the area clear from obstructions, for safety please keep any furniture, pets and children out of the cleaning area for the duration of the appointment.